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Christof Rolker is a historian interested in the Middle Ages, esp. canon law, kinship, family, sex and gender, and the use of symbolic goods (names, coats of arms etc).

IMC Leeds 2017 – “Medieval Ethiopia” Sessions

Medieval Ethiopia and Ethiopia and the Red Sea

List of Sessions and Papers at the

International Medieval Congress

University of Leeds, UK     |      July 3rd-6th 2017


UPDATE: The Congress opens today. For any short-notice changes to the programme, download the pdf version from the IMC’s so-called microsite:


The five sessions will bring together papers on medieval Ethiopia, Egypt, the Red Sea and beyond from the fields of history, archaeology, art history and philology; special attention is given to the interaction between these regions and the Mediterranean, including artistic exchange, trade, and historiography. Continue reading IMC Leeds 2017 – “Medieval Ethiopia” Sessions

Blogging with – a short intro

The following tutorial is meant for those who have no experience with blogging and will tell you how to write an article/blogpost complete with hyperlinks and pictures here It is adopted from a tutorial I originally wrote for a different scholarly blog ( and should work for any of the many, many scholarly blogs kindly hosted by Continue reading Blogging with – a short intro


This blog is dedicated to the pre-modern history of Eastern Africa, with special regard to cultural exchange both within this area and with other areas, such as the Mediterranean, the Near East, and northwestern Europe. Bringing together historians, art historians, archeologists, and anthropologists, the blog takes a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective. Contributions linking the pre-colonial with more recent periods are equally welcome.