The Archaeology of the Medieval Period in the Red Sea: New Perspectives (Abstract)

The paper by will present preliminary observations on the recent archaeological work and landscape history of the eastern Sudan during the medieval period stemming from a project entitled “Suakin and the red Sea project for archaeological, environmental and cultural studies”, of which I am a director. The paper will discuss the problems of the study in this area, especially the concept of the medieval period in Sudan and the lack of information about the area.

We mainly depend on information from major ports such as Suakin, Aidab, and Badi, while the rest of the area is hardly studied. Further archaeological investigation is needed for this area to be better understanding of its history.

The results of archaeological work carried out over the last season in the area provided that the archaeology in the region has been flourishing, and also provided an important information relating to the earliest occupation of the medieval settlement and Islamic trade activity in the area.

Our present and future study is working toward understanding archaeological surveys, excavations, and oral history research, which we hope will give a better understanding of the long-term human settlement in the region during the medieval period.


Dr. Ahmed. H. A. Adam

Art History and Aesthetic Practices – Post – doctoral fellow 2016

Forum Transregionale Studien and Institute of Art and Visual History

University of Humboldt – Berlin

Head Dept of Archaeology-University of Khartoum-Sudan

(+249) 9128 66 971 – 114420870

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