After the IMC Leeds

Almost two weeks have passed since this year’s International Medieval Congress (IMC) at Leeds, but it is not too late late to thank everyone who contributed to our sessions on medieval East Africa.

It was a relatively large enterprise to bring together five sessions of three papers each (have a look here for the individual abstracts:, but certainly worth the effort – we had wonderful papers and vivd discussions. Also , the sessions were well attended, indeed popular – the mid-size room turned out to be too small for some sessions.

After the IMC is of course before the IMC: the deadline to register sessions for the 2018 IMC is approaching quickly. the next IMC will be held 2-5 July 2018 and the deadline for paper proposals is 31 August 2017. For session proposals, the deadline is 30 September 2017; see

So, if you enjoyed this year’s IMC sessions on medieval East Africa, now is the time to prepare something for the 2018 IMC. Verena Krebs and I are happy to be contacted about any such entreprise, and equally happy to help.


Christof Rolker

Christof Rolker is a historian interested in the Middle Ages, esp. canon law, kinship, family, sex and gender, and the use of symbolic goods (names, coats of arms etc).

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